Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boldfaced Name

My dad made the news. I wouldn't find out about it until more than a week later.

Bedford woman stabbed; boyfriend arrested

Friday, June 28, 2002

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

BEDFORD - A man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his girlfriend Thursday night.

A 45-year-old woman, who suffered cuts to her neck and upper chest, was in critical condition Friday at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, police said.

Her boyfriend, Theodore Crews, 55, was in Bedford Jail on Friday with bail set at $100,000 on suspicion of attempted murder, police said.

The stabbing occurred about 9 p.m. Thursday at their apartment in the 800 block of Central Drive, police said.

The victim called her sister, who reported a domestic dispute to police, Sgt. Jerry Buford said.
"At about the time officers arrived, she was stabbed," he said.

Officers kicked in the door and found Crews struggling with the victim, police said.

Crews was arrested, and the victim was taken to a hospital, authorities said.

A pocket knife that investigators believe was used in the attack was found in the apartment, police said. Police did not release a motive for the attack, but Buford said the couple had been having trouble in their relationship.

After I found the article online, I called the reporter. He never called me back.


StaceyG said...

At least your dad made the news.

Wil said...

He should have called you back. It's a basic journalism rule, though apparently unwritten... Always get more comments from the family, if you can.

As a reporter, I many times have to listen to half an hour of "off the record" bitching from the family of someone in one of my stories. About a third of the time, they'll calm down enough to tell more of the story. Hell, I want THEIR side too.