Monday, February 13, 2006

Football Fanatic

"MUDDAH FUH!" Dad would yell in his high pitched voice if I came anywhere near the television during a boxing match or football game. I guess when you are deaf, making your best effort to scream "Mother Fucker" at your daughter sure will get the point across.

And so I learned at an early age to steer clear of the TV when Dad was engrossed in the tube with a pack of Kools and a frosty can of Coors Light nearby. During Dad's bathroom breaks it was easy to steal a sip of his beer. I didn't love the taste but I didn't hate it either. Mostly, I liked the icy cold drink on a hot Texas day, the fizzy sizzle in my mouth and the sneakiness factor.

Living in the deep woods was isolating for all of us. Dad never had anyone to share football Sundays with so his intense passion for the game was a solo endeavor. Now that he has 2,971 inmates to keep him company, he has done what any other entrepreneuring American sports fan would do: turn it into a money making opportunity.

"I owed someone, not much. And plus I lost all parlays (bets) on football games. This 2005 year is no luck. My best luck was on 2003 I got over 250.00 on 16 games weekly. I hope I will get good betting next winter 2006 N.F.L. football. Ha. I wonder about Did you depositing money in Trust & fund."

"In Our E-Wing (dorm) Man who work & care on football parlays & Pots. He moved other wing last month. I decided to take his place with Football Squares pot (grid). But not on parlays points -+., Do you know what it means or what it look like on Football grids? If you don't, tell me and I will mail you Football grids. Maybe you use it with your friends best over 20 peoples or more --"

"Kambri and Christian, for $60.00. Thanks so much more than that. You saved my neck. I feel better for I paid debts off from oweing them. Relief! And I bought lots of Hygienes and few foods And all sweet foods and foods gone so quick Ha ha --"

He was hoping Seattle and Indianapolis would make it to the big game. He was half right. I doubt he would root for Pittsburgh since we lived in Houston for so long where the Steelers were synonymous with mortal enemy.

Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone he has another long summer ahead of him. Baseball was never his thing.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.) is another story.


StaceyG said...

I second your comment about the isolation. Yet, I don't think I would have developed my creativity as much if I hadn't been stuck out there.

Kambri said...

Yeah, it's a double-edged sword...boredom & isolation breeds creativity and imagination.

I look at all the kids who are raised in New York, and I can't help but be a little ticked at what we missed. Museums & live theater spark creativity, too! And the diversity and food and languages and oh so much we missed.

StaceyG said...

At least you're catching up on it now. Maybe that's why NYC appeals to me so's the OPPOSITE of that hellhole Montgomery.