Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not Even for the Articles?

Pornography not being permitted in facilities run by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, I have taken it upon myself to give Dad the next best thing.

In addition to all the letters I send Dad, I make sure to send postcards of every place I visit, New York City landmarks and half nekkid girls. Vintage pinups mostly, like this one of Jayne Mansfield I purchased at the AMMI.

To alleviate any creepiness I rarely, if ever, even address the photo on the front sticking with regular chit chat. And, I guess, he's following the same rule of thumb by never mentioning what he thinks of them. In my last letter to Dad I asked him to return all the letters I've mailed him to incorporate into this site and here's his reply:

"Other things I got really upset about that I throwed all old letters from you & Gloria last Sunday when I decided to clean up junks out in my lockers. Oh shit!!
I still keep all post cards I love them."

If you have a postcard you think Dad would like, I'll forward them on your behalf. Mail them (with or without your own note) to my attention:

Kambri Crews
34-23 Steinway St. #513
Astoria, NY 11101

Read about the TDCJ rule changes for permitted correspondence.


shamernadi said...

I've just started to read this blog and I'm intrigued. I followed the link from myspace. I am definitely going to be on the look out for postcards for your Dad. Somewhat of a quest :)

Kambri said...

Awesome!! Thank you so much!