Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is Dad, Signing Off

I received a TEN page letter today chock full of goodness. Dad is mostly upbeat giving good wishes to me and my fiance comedian Christian Finnegan, talking of his trip to Dublin in comparison with mine, how he missed the half time of the Super Bowl because a fight broke out amongst the other inmates (they were mad about losing in the football grids he gathers) and so much more that I hope to share soon.He signed off by saying,

"2:45 AM. I'm going to chow at 3:00 AM.
Good Morning.
I love you
Missed you
Will you see me in June?

I'm still anger at cops.
How did Police read me my righst when they arrested me?
I tried signs lanuage for paper & pen to them But they sprayed me tear gas & their pistols at my forehead. Dammit. I wish they shot me So you can sued them. =( "

(Click the above thumbnail for his actual letter.)

Dad didn't leave me a trust fund, never paid for my schooling or, hell, even my lunch so if he gets killed behind bars, you can bet your sweet ass I'll sue. (That's not true. I've never been the litigious type.)

To my faithful reader and friend Julie of the Associated Press, Dad says "Hi." (See right.) Hope that doesn't creep you out! =)

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Anonymous said...

Cigo needs to realize that Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.