Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dennis Rodman, Muslims & Blogs

Dad is still on restriction since his fight with the Jailhouse interpreter.

"Now I live at north Wings and I am on restriction (punished) cell and Commissary. It means I can't stay in dayroom or buying at Commissary store for 30 days. What I did insulted Interpreter Mrs. Heath "Bitch Whore" after we agrued over discrimination & A.D.A. laws. Whew. Any way I don't care if I stay in cell for 30 days. And I don't have money in Commissary anyway."

He must not have gotten my last payment of $20. I sent it promptly after my return from L.A. Since I had been gone so long, I knew he would be lonely for letters and craving his "sweeting foods". Despite his restriction, he seems very upbeat and interested in learning a few things about current events:

"I read newspapers about Muslins got mad and complained over Jyllands-Posten (newspaper company) of Denmark published 20 cartoons. The prophet Mohammed drawing that triggered deadly protests by Muslins worldwide. I ask you would find in Website about 20 cartoons and send me what Munlims pissed off for that jokin gof cartoons. I really want to see what picures looks. And I can't find that word "Blog" in dictionary book and I asked inmates but They don't know what it means. Can you tell me what Blog means?"

This made me laugh in a warm, loving way. I love that he's interested in learning more about the cartoon controversy, disappointed that he can't seem to get the information he wants from the mainstream media and kind of sad that not a single inmate he asked knows what a blog is. Not that the knowledge of blogging would be of any use to them, but they are clearly not keeping up with the world in which they will soon be living again.

He needs information on one other item:

"And Will you copy from Website about Dennis Rodman NBA "Pro Basketball player". One Guy and I agrued about him. He say that Dennis never played in college just in High school then Pro N.B.A. But I told him That Rodman were playing college in small town of Oklahoma. I really want to make him get shut up and shit in his pant. I hope you can find one and copy it and send me. :-) "

Oh, yes, still up to his stubborn, argumentative ways. Luckily, Dad is right about Rodman. I would have hated sending him information proving the other guy was right. Instead, Dad can, and most certainly will, gloat to make this guy shut up.

I can't explain why but this letter made me happy. Not that Dad is on restriction, that he called the interpretor a "Bitch Whore" or that he's still fighting with other inmates over petty differences. I can just tell that he's feeling positive. He cares about current events, he is still interacting with others and, selfishly, the tasks he asked me to do in this letter were things I can do easily without cost to me.

Read page one in full. Read page two in full.


Wil said...

I guess you've learned this by now, but I believe Rodman played for Southeastern Oklahoma State University, in Durant, Okla.

(I think he also attended a small college in Texas before going to Durant.)


Gentleman-hobbs said...

Fascinating blog - this is one of the reasons blogs should have been invented