Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Entertainer

When: Spring 1988 -- Age 16

Where: UIL State One Act Play Competition; University of Texas; Austin, Texas. Cutthroat and serious competition. We youngsters were on our best behavior.

Witnesses: Hundreds

What: I heard a smattering of gasps and giggles mixed in with familiar guttural noises and high-pitched nonsensical sounds reverberating through the sound system. Everyone who looked up to the stage observed a deaf man doing his best gyrating Elvis impersonation into the microphone. A few people rushed the stage and the emcee wrested the microphone from the offender's hands. The deaf Elvis didn't leave but rather continued to perform more enthusiastically to the crowd.

Frustrated, the emcee announced, "If he belongs to you, would you get this monkey off the stage?!?!"

My friend Scott turned to me and queried, "Hey Kambri, isn't that your DAD?!"

Always the entertainer, Dad had left his lasting impression. Later when I asked him just what the hell was he thinking, he replied very coherently so I doubt he was drunk...just spontaneous. He reasoned that since the UT students had just bawdily spoofed all the plays -- a way to keep us occupied while the judges made their decisions -- it couldn't be all that big a deal for him to take the stage for a minute.

Good point.


Anonymous said...

Good story. Hey, I saw a store/restaurant/place here in Osaka called Cigo's. I'll try to find it again and get a picture of it. Maybe your dad will get a little kick out of it.

Kambri said...

Oh, he'd LOVE that Rory! Thanks, dude and congratulations on your successful move to Japan.