Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Holiday Greetings

An entry from my journal dated Tuesday, December 30, 2003:

Yesterday I received the first note from my jailed deaf dad since last May. He's been busy, I guess. It was a Hallmark Christmas card. The front read, "God made all the nights and days and all the world to sing His praise." The inside read, "The very sweetest song on earth once brought the news of Jesus' birth – And as we sing His praise today, may you be blessed in every way." Then my dad wrote a warm and fuzzy Christmas note in his "deaf speak" handwriting that included this sentence, "I had been solitary confinement four times since April for fighting with niggers cause me mad because stealings – all offenders are haters, thief, jealous, etc."

Seven months is an awful long time without word from your dad, be he jailed or not. In this case, no news isn't necessarily good news. Luckily the warden's assistant is very kind to me when I call to check on his status. "He's still alive, not in solitary and hasn't had any fights in a couple of weeks." What more can a girl ask for for Christmas?

At the time of this note, he had just marked his first full year in prison. Obviously the last 12 months were an adjustment spent establishing his pecking order amongst the other inmates.

Thankfully Dad writes more often these days and with less vehement anger and racism -- his commands have not lessened. Please note the card was a Hallmark so despite the lengthy delay in writing and the hateful, demanding message inside, he did care enough to send the very best.


Anonymous said...

Wow. How can you not hate every part of him?

Anonymous said...

i dont think its possible to hate a parent. good luck on your reading

the prisoner's wife said...


while it is possible to hate a parent (i've seen it in action), i think it's comendable that you have such an open heart toward your dad. racist and/or thoughts or not, he is still partly responsible for giving you life. i will definitely be back to read more.

be blessed!

Kambri said...

Thank you all for the comments. I think he's hilarious, lots of fun and has had a really tough life, so I can forgive him for his flaws.

Being in prison without support from his family means that I am pretty much IT for him. So, anything he wants from food, old photos, clothes and money to books, magazines and newspapers, he ask to ask me. Sometimes he's demanding, other times more thankful.

After so long without hearing from him, though, you'd think he'd be a little less demanding and hateful. The irony of the card itself isn't wasted on me either.

But, it was his first year on the inside. I imagine he was pretty beaten and angry when he finally decided to write.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your site...I love that you find the humor in this rants your father spews inside this religious Christmas card. What else can you do, but laugh.

I admire people like you who can take all the dreck (is that a word?) in life and make something positive out of it.