Friday, May 05, 2006

"Get Me New Glasses!"

One of Dad's numerous requests during my first and, thus far, only visit to see him in the clink was for me to smuggle in a new pair of glasses for him the next time I visit. A few weeks later he followed up with a letter repeating his instructions and providing me with a sketch and his prescription.

"I send you prescription of my glasses. No problems if this new glasses that you get it for me If it looks ugly or sizes. I just need good nice looking glasses. No matter with size small or larger. When you come here with glasses put your top head."

As I did, you may wonder why I would have to smuggle in prescription glasses. Can't he get them through the prison? Yes. Yes, he can, but the standard issue glasses "look like Buddy Holly glasses. I don't like those style. They're ugly."

This was an interesting concept to me. He is still vain enough, self conscious enough to want to look good despite his only audience being guards and inmates. He says it's not a problem if the ones I choose are ugly or the wrong size but, yes, it is a problem to wear black framed ones. Also, the glasses he currently has, even if they weren't broken and taped from all his jailhouse fisticuffs, aren't exactly winning him style points. They're too big and they have that silly tinting that I have never liked on him. Since I'm fronting the cost on these things, I just might interject my fashion preference and control that comes with not being in jail and say, "You want new glasses? You'll wear the ones I get you!"

What's most remarkable to me is the detail in which he drew out his information. To those readers who wear glasses, is this an anomoly or can you precisely recall this stuff about your own prescription?

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Anonymous said...

As a glasses-wearer for many years now, I can tell you that this is definitely an anomaly. Is he copying from a prescription he saved? I have no idea what my prescription is -- this is an impressive bit of detail-work, definitely.