Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cat in the Tat

Dad has a new tattoo. I noticed it during my visit with him in the Huntsville, Texas prison yard where he is a 20 year resident. The moment was captured in this video clip, taken on the sly by Christian from the visitor's parking lot.

After our visit, I picked up a package of Dad's papers and drawings he left for me with the guards. In it was the sketch (see thumbnail) he drew to get the tattoo.

I point to dad's arm, "New?"
"Yes," he replies. "Feb 8, my birthday."
I ask how where & how he got it and who did it for him but my signs are obsured by a pole.
He answers, "Here. Boy inside." Then he demonstrates the needle pricking motion and mimics the two handed "I love you" signs that the cat in the tat is making.

The "boy" in question works in the textile mill and disassembled a machine part to get the needles for his craft. If only inmates were this industrious on the outside.


StaceyG said...

Well, I'm glad you had a "good" visit with your dad at least! We can always count on a good story from those visits.

Anonymous said...

agreed, I love the stories from your visits to your dad. Thanks for the recent updates!