Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Quotable Quotes

From Sunday's contact visit with my jailed deaf dad:

A one eyed inmate telling his visitors about my dad, "He's deaf. He's a good guy. Real good guy." (It's all relative, I suppose.)

Me to Christian outside the gates after Dad was caught with gum I gave him, "I think I'm busted. Let's get the fuck out of Dodge!"

After Dad described the horrifying facial disfigurements of one of his fellow inmates, I asked, "What's he in for?" Dad matter-of-factly replied, "He shot his wife and kids then shot himself in the head."

Me to Christian since he was taking his sweet ass time, "Seriously! Start the car we have to ge the fuck out of Dodge, NOW!"

Unless you're really good at sign language, this clip won't mean much to you as it was taken from far away by Christian who was sitting in a parked car waiting for me while I chatted away for three hours behind chain link and razor wire.

The basic transcript is below with some signs/markers in parentheses:

I am signing about how busy I've been this week (busy, busy, busy, call, call, call, type, type, type).
(We both look out to the camera.)
Dad asks why Christian didn't come inside.
I explain I wanted a contact visit and Christian & I aren't married yet. I tell him how I tried to get him a hamburger but Dairy Queen wasn't open at 9:30 AM.
(I quickly look over my left shoulder at the guard to see if the coast is clear.)
I sign "I have gum in my pocket."
My dad immediately reaches for it. (Two people walk by the frame as this happens.)
I dig it out and he unwraps it, gives me a piece, then takes a piece for himself. Watch carefully for his reaction after putting it in his mouth.
He was overwhelmed with how good it was then signed "Long time. Taste different. Long time."

My Jailed Deaf Dad & Me - Juicy Fruit from kambric and Vimeo.

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