Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Father of the Bride's Toast

Well, we did it. Christian and I got hitched on Saturday. Everything was perfect from start to finish. Well, my toast was a bit silly in the beginning with me messing up the wording by trying to wing it and coming off like a douche which ended up being funny. But then I got to the father of the bride stuff and was back on track. It's only two minutes long, so enjoy! [Video follows after the text.]

I'm sorry I can't be there for your wedding to Christian. You have found a man who has strengthened you and encourages you with his love.

I will be with you both to celebrate your wedding anniversary someday whether it is one to a hundred years.

Christian, I am happy for you to be marrying my daughter. Life is better shared with someone you love and trust and you have found that in each other.

Remember don't try: Adultery, drunkenness or dopeheads.

Promise me, Don't forget me. :-)


Courtney said...

congratulations on your wedding.

i love your blog, i've just come across it through youtube.com and i'm hooked!

check out the top banner of my blog, oddly similar: inamorato - it's from the top of an envelope my incarcerated best friend sent me.

anyway, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

That was great.Congratulations on your marriage.