Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Are You Ready for Some Football?

In today's mail came a new letter from Dad dated 9/6/06. He generally sounds bored and lonely. I haven't written much with all the wedding hubbub, traveling and preparing for Christian's stand up comedy CD hitting stores this October.*
I missed you so much. So long last letter you wrote in July 18 then Aug 28. I'm looking for you send me more news and pictures and Emails please.
After a string of bad chemistry with cellmates (fights, theft and one's failed suicide attempt {the sheet was too long and only legs were broken}), Dad likes his cellie:

We (Mr. Heard) cellmate we are good getting along, He is black, he work 3rd shift night at Textile Mill. His wife is white, She born on Aug 12, too.** Sometime he cooked and gave me foods. He is good and kind. First time I can get along with nigger. Ha.
Gee, why all the formality with "Mr. Heard" if you're still going to call him a n*gger?

He also asked for money since football season is starting and he wants to gamble on the grids.

I'm stuck to watching football games. I want to buy parlays every weekends but I'm no money...Well May you can send me $20 or $40 for I can pleasure playing on parlay $4 to $6 every weekend.
I will have to send him $50 and a letter with photos to make up for my lack of communication and financial support. Inmates are easily sated.

*Christian, my husband, is a stand up comedian. His new CD was produced by Comedy Central Records. Details will be released soon.
**This past August 12th Christian & I got married.

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Anonymous said...

I know you are really busy...
how is your dad?