Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dad wrote me a letter dated October 24, 2006. The prison is in lockdown for a week. This means sack lunches, cell shakedowns and strip searches. Regarding the latter, Dad writes:

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we will go to Gym for searching everything and did you know that we have to remove clothes off and searches head to toes. And we have bending down and pull butts open and show officers our anuses (asshole) no joking. I wish I could farts to officers faces. Ha.
Yeesh. Thanks for the mental picture, Dad! And don't go farting in their faces, either. I have to face these guys during our next visit and it's already awkward enough knowing that they know what your butthole (anus) looks like!

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StaceyG said...

I love the fact that your dad doesn't know the definition of "TMI."