Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gambling Man

From a letter dated Sept. 21, 2006

Dad has made a new friend inside named Ronnie Joe who has been buying Dad a pint of ice cream once a week since Dad hasn't had any cash. Ronnie Joe convinced Dad that I definitely sent him money even though I didn't menion it in my letter. Dad was skeptical.

My friend Ronnie Joe say he think & believed that you did deposit money Trust Fund without let me know in a letter. He say go ahead and check out at Store. I got him a bet for a ice cream pint if he was wrong.

...Today I went to Commissary Store. I hate to stand for an hour in a lines if no money in Trust Fund. When I ask Clerk of Store How much I do have money in T.F. and She said I had $42.89 in T.F. I got a big smile.
I'm glad Dad wasn't disappointed! What if my deposit hadn't been made yet? Dad would have waited for an hour AND owed Ronnie Joe a pint.

That's not the only thing Dad is wagering on. Besides the friendly wager with Ronnie Joe and football parlays, there is an inmate named Roy that Dad wants to bet on everything from sports to celebrity trivia:

...You sent me pictures of you feeding stingrays. I stupid for sending it to you back. NOw I want you can send me stingray feeding by you picture because some inmates won't believe that people can feed foods by their hands to stingray's mouths. I really want to show this picture to prove it! Please. Copy it?

...Actors David Carradine and Uma Thurman. Are they real life father & daughter? I don't think so. Who right? Again I can bet for ice cream pint. Ha. I guess you tired to hear about ice cream. Ha. Because I never have Dairy Queen hamburgers =( !
There's an entire page of sports trivia he wants me to investigate, too. I read it to Christian to test Dad's knowledge and Christian thinks he's right on all counts. Dad wants me to find the proof online before wagering Roy so Dad can guarantee a profit. Roy is going to be one ticked off m0ther fu*ker.

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