Saturday, January 20, 2007

Past News

I just came across an article by Doug Chandler in the Queens Ledger for which I was interviewed a few years ago. It was the first of only two times I ever talked about Dad being in jail to the press. I hadn't really talked about Dad much at all -- what he did to Gloria* in 2002 or what he did to Mom in 1988 -- and blogging was the new thing for the press to write about. The YouTube of its day. Here's an excerpt. (Pardon the "mute"'s a term that hearing use and is truly not meant negatively but more clinically to explain that my dad is deaf and not oral. "Oral" just isn't a term most folks are used to using.)
Like a lot of bloggers, Crews entered the world of blogging after creating a personal site,, which she said was “basically an online resume.” But two years ago, she began using, one of the main blogging templates, and her site “morphed” ...

...The, by turns, playful and serious. The site discusses the highs and lows of her life, as well as the lives of her boyfriend and family, and often refers to shows and musicals she has seen and enjoyed.

Although the blog now receives about 500 “hits” or visits each day, up from 200 or so when she began the site, Crews said she writes the entries mainly for herself.

“I want a fair representation of who I am,” she said, adding that another goal is “to make myself laugh.” The site, updated almost every day, is also a “rest stop for family and friends,” she continued. And the language, she warned, can get rather “salty.”

But if you are wondering how personal entries can be anything but dull and boring, consider the life Crews has led. “My Dad is in jail,” she said during a phone interview, offering the information with the same honesty and directness that characterizes her blog. “He tried to kill his girlfriend.”

Crews, who grew up in a “tiny town” north of Houston, said she avoided discussing the subject on her site for a long time. "I was mortified and embarrassed and concerned," in addition to being sad, she noted. But she does now, and her mother, who still lives in Texas, "goes through the gamut of emotions” while reading Crews' entries -- sometimes gasping and, at other times, laughing.

Crews and her brother are the only members of their immediate family who can talk and hear, she said. Her father was born deaf and mute; her mother can talk but does not hear; and her maternal grandparents are also deaf and mute.

Her father, imprisoned two years ago, will remain an inmate until he is 75 -- "18 to go!" Crews shouts over the phone -- and has spent much of his time in solitary confinement, a punishment for fighting.

Crews, meanwhile, has led an upbeat, often fascinating life since leaving Texas, where she and her parents lived in tents and, later, a tin shed. She came to New York after several years in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati where she worked mostly in banking. She now works as a paralegal and owns a company, Ballyhoo Promotions, that produces events and handles publicity for creative clients. She has also worked as an actress and a model.

Tall and blonde, as the pictures on her blog indicate, Crews said she treats even the harder aspects of her life humorously. "I'd go crazy if I didn't," she added.
Ain't that the truth! Laughter is, as they say, the best medicine. It makes perfect sense that I gravitated toward work in the comedy and entertainment business!


Butterflygal said...

I think it's wonderful how you share this with the world. You say you do this for yourself but I think this helps many others who may be in similiar shoes as you. To see you sucessful despite the difficult childhood you had is really inspiring!! Keep it up!! :)

A Deaf Pundit said...

Wow. I stumbled on this blog through Technorati. I'm just horrified and astounded at what happened to you.

I don't know what else to say here, except that as a social worker major, and as a deaf person, there were many, many factors coming together to cause your father's behavior. What he did was unexcuseable. I'm sorry that this happened to you.

I haven't read all of your posts yet, but I do hope this hasn't turned you off from the deaf culture.

Emmie said...

Great post and very inspiring.

God bless you.

Emmie from Love Greeting Cards