Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another Visit

My husband Christian has been booked to headline at the Houston Laff Stop from July 11 - 14, 2007. This means we'll get another visit with My Jailed Deaf Dad. This time, since Christian is now considered officially family by the State of Texas, we will get a "contact" visit. So, for the first time ever, Dad will shake the hand of the man who doinks his daughter.

I hope to bring Dad the What-A-Burger he's been craving for nearly five years now and a helping of my mom's famous homemade chocolate chip cookies*. The look on his face upon tasting the Juicy Fruit I smuggled in last year was priceless. I'd like to see that look again without the worry of getting busted with illegal contraband***.

*I once asked Mom for the recipe and she complied on the condition that I keep it to myself. "It's our family secret!"

"No it isn't! It's from a Betty Crocker cookbook!" I protested. I know because I helped make them dozens and dozens of times. She insisted that Betty Crocker has tinkered with the measurements and that her old 1966 version is the one to go by -- hence the secret. The family part? I guess it was just us that knew and we were going to keep it to ourselves until this whole internet / Google thing came about.

***Gum is not allowed as prisoners can use it as glue.

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