Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year ago today, Finnegan & I got hitched during the most awesome party ever -- no joke, it was FUN and not stuffy or full of random strangers. We did it at Galapagos Art Space, a former mayo factory, and he & I came downstairs from their loft space and worked our way through the crowd to the main stage to the tune of "Head Over Heals" by Tears for Fears. The best wedding march song ever: great, dramatic opening piano/keyboard-y sound and the lyrics are great for schmaltzy romance, too.

For a laugh, here's the toast I read from My Jailed Deaf Dad:


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Unknown said...

love your posts. can't stop reading. a good friend had their wedding party at galapagos - too bad it's not the same any more. from one tx girl to another, congrats!