Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey, Stranger!

Welcome to all you folks in the Washington DC and Richmond area who heard my husband, comedian Christian Finnegan, pimping this site on the radio. He's a doll that one.

So I've been MIA for a while now due to Christmas in Paris, producing a sold out Saturday Night Live show, a comedian getting arrested at the comedy club I do publicity for (read the piece on TMZ -- I'm the "spokesperson" they allude to in their report) and another trip to Ft. Lauderdale.

Excuses, excuses, I know.

I hope to get back on the writing saddle this weekend. Meanwhile, I am still reading / performing every Friday in NYC if you ever find yourself this way. Details are:

Fridays @ 7:00 PM
Family Hour w/Auntie Sara
Ochi’s Lounge downstairs at Comix
353 West 14th St. just east of 9th Ave.
New York , NY
No cover / one item minimum

Official charity: the Comedy Cures Foundation (we accept donations to their worthy cause!)

Thanks again for stopping by and thank you all for the kind emails of support and encouragement. You, as they say, ROCK!

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ZEF said...

HAAAAI. I heard from a friend that Christian was on DC101, thats awesome... too bad i already read this website, haha. i can't help but feel cool