Sunday, November 19, 2006

Capote Squared

After reading at the "Family Hour with Sara Benincasa" last night in Ochi's Lounge, I was chatting with Sean McCarthy and Hy Bender about parallel thinking and industry trends. As an example, we talked about Capote coming out shortly before Infamous and how none of us watched the latter because of the tremendous success and riveting portrayal of Capote by Philip Seymour Hoffman. To top it off, my love of the first was cemented by seeing it at the AMMI with a Q&A with the director. But we had heard about how great Toby Jones' take was.

Lo and behold, as I sat on the couch going through hundreds of digital photos to submit with a feature interview, Infamous came on. I watched it mainly due to the synchronicity. At first, I wasn't digging Toby but by the end I was wracked with just as much sorrow as when I watched Hoffman's version. The story hits close to home for me, obviously, due to my relationship with My Jailed Deaf Dad and how conflicted I feel about the Dad I know and the Dad who tries* to kill people. It's almost too much to bear.

*And who may have actually killed people.

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