Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Comical Radio's "Achiever of the Year!"

I was a guest on The Comical Radio a few days ago and my husband Christian was on a few days later. In their blog recap of the show (on page 69...heh, heh!) they said:

"If you had to stop your father from stabbing your mother to death and then years later you were called to testify against him for attempting to murder his next wife, would you then send him letters in jail and publish a book about it called "Love, Daddy?" Kambri Crews would! After wowing Danny and the crew with tales of hiding out in the woods she discussed how she helped a comedian with an ineptitude for marketing and then parlayed her work into Ballyhoo Promotions, a publicity firm for comedians and comedy shows. Two profitable endeavors based on negative events? That wins Kambri Crews the esteemed Comical Radio’s Achiever of the Year Award! Congratulations, Kambri!"

I should clarify: Dad didn't stab my mom, but I did stop an attack on her. And we weren't hiding out in the woods...just living there. Starting over after another one of Dad's affairs. It's always interesting to see how people remember and recount my story. Even Christian gets things goofed up when he tells facts about my life. We all have ways of remembering and telling, I suppose.

Anyway, they did a pre- and post-show interview with us as they do with all guests. The end of Christian's made me laugh out loud. Here they are but I'm sorry to say they aren't closed captioned:


mishkazena said...


Seriously, how can people forget your stories???? They are practically immemorable. You also have a knack of narrating captivating stories.

In fact, I am not surprised you won an award. I expect you will get more in the future.

Dianrez said...

Congrats,too, Kambri. Besides a knack for writing as Mishkazena said, you also have a knack for drawing lessons for life from your experiences and making them available to others.

Don't mind that people have different ways to remember your experiences; they will see them as reflected in their own mirrors. As long as yours are written, they will stand strong as your own personal narrative. God bless.

Anonymous said...

hope one day you will sign in one of your vlogs. we d love to see your asl. thanks.

Kambri said...

Thanks for the notes, everyone! And you're right, Anon, I should do an ASL vlog. My ASL won't be as fun / good as many folks whose vlogs I watch, but I shouldn't let that stop me.

The clip above was taken by a radio station intern who was asking me questions off camera. One day I will have an assistant whose sole job it is to caption all my videos and clips edited and produced by the hearing media.