Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Wonder

If you had to live in a car or on the street or a barn or a tent, does it matter for how many days? Or is the fact that you found yourself in that position in the first place bad enough?

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mishkazena said...

That is a good question.

I remember a friend sharing her childhood where they experienced frequent turn offs of electricity. She recalled it as a big adventure because her parents would make it a fun event,interweaving the candles with the games, singing, etc.

I think the longer one is on the street, the more impact it is. However, even a very short stay outside can be difficult if things went wrong.

Living in a tent or a barn isn't always as bad as it sounds. I think it boils down a lot to how the family treat their adversity. They can make it an extended 'camping'.

Everybody has different perpectives.

I'll be pondering on this today. A great topic.