Friday, November 14, 2008

A Question for the FAQ Page Perhaps

From a reader who also happens to be related to me, comes this question (edited for grammar and context):

I have been reading Love, Daddy and I understand some of the stories aren't true but to make it more interesting you have to add some ficition to attract people to read it. Right??

WRONG! 1,000% wrong. Have you heard of James Frey? I'm not a writer by trade like Mr. Frey. So while he is able to write about things that may or may not have ever happened, I do not possess the talent to do so. All the stories I recount here are true from my personal perspective and experience. Why would fiction need to be added anyway when the truth is so wonderfully rich?

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Dianrez said...

Amen, Kambri. Life just is, and it would be wrong to embellish on it when it is already so deep. Keep it up, love your narratives!