Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

I received the first letter of 2009 from Dad. (Click thumbnails for larger views. He dated it 2008 by mistake.)

He starts off by commenting on an ad campaign I created around the tagline "Life's tough. Laugh more." I sent him a postcard (pictured below) that is part of the print campaign.

Anyway, he liked the idea and thought the card was really cool. He also thought I should be the girl with the dress in her pantyhose because I have a nice butt like my mother. Ack! HAHA! (He's JOKING, of course!) He thought it so cool he asked that I create a card for him, too. In his letter he asks "Can you make this card with a picture of myself on card (you had a picture of me with white cowboy hat)? And put words with (I am the happy warrior for deaf inmate's rights, Jailhouse lawyer Cigo Crews.)"

Some of you may recall, Dad is determined to help the Deaf inmates. Read about that here.)

Here is the front of the card I created for him. He'll be really surprised, I think, at the ASL font I used. The back simply has plain text as he requested. I don't think I'm allowed to laminate it due to jailhouse rules. I'll have to wait for Dad's reply to know if I can.  

If you're interested in having the font for your own use, it is free online here:

His letter continues and he apologizes for not sending a holiday card this year. "But no problems I know you understand that all men do not caring about cards Ha."
This is true. My husband's father used to just look at the return address then toss them UNOPENED.

He goes on to talk football, OU Sooners, the Heisman Trophy and his picks for the Super Bowl. All his choices are out except Pittsburgh, though he's not a fan.

Finally, he admits that he spent all the money I sent him for the holidays on sweets. The watch and boots he wanted are still out of stock at the commissary so he couldn't resist spending his savings on food. "Also, I got tempting to buy more sweeties & foods." Ha I am broken Ha. Don't get mad at me for spending on stuffs. Sorry I cannot to be strong to keep the money as holding until Watch or Boots at Store. Love, Daddy."

No, I'm not mad. It wasn't THAT much money considering it was the holidays and all. I'll just wait to send anything more than $20 for when I know they're in stock.

That's that. Overall a very upbeat letter to start the New Year. He's finally out of solitary confinement after over a year, so let's hope the trend continues and 2009 is peaceful for him.

For fun, here is the TV commercial that is part of the above mentioned ad campaign that just started running in NYC. That's me in the commercial. For the next one, I'll be casting a Deaf actor. I can't wait! This one is not closed captioned, but there's not really any dialogue. There is a sound cue though: the guy farts in the elevator before I get in with him.


Dianrez said...

Just reviewed the photo collection of your family (led there by the letters link) and was so impressed with your family's challenges of carving out a home from raw land. Your dad has awesome pioneer talent. There is a lot of love in those pictures, too.

The ad campaign is brilliant! You have a creative legacy and you're certainly good at expressing it! Please post more like this!

mishkazena said...

That book, deaf culture behind bars... is it any good?