Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It's that time of year again. What a buzz kill.

This year Father's Day fell on the day before my birthday and the weekend of my high school reunion (that's another story). Knowing this, I had to plan in advance. And by plan, I mean mail money sooner.

That's all.

Well, I guess the card counts, too, but really when special days pop up on ye olde calendar, it's not cards Dad is worried about, it's C-notes, Benjamins, Lincolns, Jacksons, bucks, greenbacks. Wow, there's alot of slang for money. I'll just stop there. He's pretty blunt about it. Jail does that to you, I guess. The length of time between letters, processing of mail and deposits makes for an urgency that, in print, comes off as rude: "Send Money." Why dress it up, I guess.

I send Dad $20 a month sometimes more but never less. I send extra (anywhere from $50 to $60) for Thanksgiving, Christmas, his birthday in February and Father's Day. The extra cash at Thanksgiving covers the special treats the commissary offers like pecan pie. The others dates are obvious.

Recently I discovered the automatic deposit option which will surely disappoint the Pakistani fellow I purchase my $0.69 money orders from...the same location I blogged about being featured in "30 Rock". He has more than a little crush on me and looks forward to my regular visits. Once I get confirmation from the TDCJ, however, my Pakistani boyfriend and I shall part. And in summer, no less, when I'm not so bundled up. Ahem. Maybe I'll drop in to say hello or buy stamps or One Day Fun Passes for the subway.

Saving the time, the $0.69, the envelope and the stamp by using this auto-debit feature, I made the monthly payment $25. Plus prices in the commissary have recently increased, so the few extra bucks might help. No more, though. No. That would only fuel his gambling. And, as my husband Christian noted, for someone who knows more about football than anyone I've ever known, Dad has the WORST luck at picking football parlays.

It's frustrating knowing my money is going to waste AND that he's losing on something that he loves so much. I'm not sure which is worse.

He has his choice, save and spend on things he loves like oatmeal pies and strawberry ice cream or risk it all for a chance at doubling his money. Guess which one he'd choose? So while $20 or $25 a month sounds chinsy it's my attempt -- no, it's my hope -- that he'll choose wisely.

I hope he got his extra money in time for the holiday. I hope he got himself a treat. I hope he had a nice Father's Day, becuase that's all we have: Hope.

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