Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

Front, inside & back cover of this year's Christmas card drawn for me by my dad. After my last visit, Dad sent a letter saying he was contemplating getting a tattoo; a really stupid, confusing quote to accompany his Tasmanian devil tattoo about sex being the controlling force of the world.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about how during my last visit in July, Dad clarified to my husband Christian that the Taz's "I Love You" hands are purposefully positioned to closely resemble the ASL sign for "vagina." After checking to make sure I and the guards weren't looking, Dad began flicking his tongue and graphically acting out cunnilingus. Christian was both mortified and genuinely entertained. Now I totally get why the Taz is saying, "Kitty, kitty, kitty!" I was always perplexed by that. Not any more. Shudder.

In a follow up letter, I pleaded with Dad to forgo the new ink. I suggested that if he really insisted on getting another prison tattoo he should get one unique to him. As an example, I mentioned his made up sign for "Come here, asshole." I even tried a poor attempt at drawing the sign as a suggestion knowing that he could draw it better. And draw it better he did! In this year's  Christmas card. Happy Christmas to everyone!



Anonymous said...

While the messages are hilarious, the drawings are really really good!
Thanks for sharing!

Kambri said...

Agreed! I have joked about creating a greeting card line for him. And I will be showing some of his work at the Met. Yes, THE Met in NYC. Granted it's for a comedy show and not part of the real museum but the other inmates won't have to know that. I'm gonna let him brag however he likes. :o)