Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Greatness, The Rising Boulder House

This New Year is off to a great start. My husband Christian and I returned from a lovely trip to Peru and promptly bought our first home together: a little one bedroom cottage in Sullivan County, NY. Perched upon two giant rocks on a nearly four acre wooded lot, it is the perfect retreat for us to escape the city. (View photo set on Flickr.)

I also got a letter from Dad, dated January 20, 2011 replying to one I wrote him telling of our cabin. I included lots of pictures and lamented that there were projects that I know he could help us with if only he weren't in jail. Of the cabin he wrote:

"Oh Greatness I call it Rising Boulder House." That cracked me up because he sounded like an old Indian Chief. I pictured him with a giant feathered headdress and peace pipe cleansing the house with a smudge.

My father also wrote that he and the other inmates are watching Christian's sitcom "Are We There Yet?" on TBS because "other channels having nothing good on Wednesday nights." Wow, what an endorsement! But we'll take the extra viewers and be thankful that the NFL is dark those nights. Dad had some support and advice for my husband, too: "Try to get a nice trophy. Christian, keep out of the troubles with the drinks and dopes...Or I will whip your a$$ 100K times." We believe him.

Incidentally, I posted Dad's quote about our cabin on Twitter, saying: Dad loves our new cabin which sits on two giant rocks. "Oh Greatness, I call it Rising Boulder House." I didn't know he was Native American.

Much to my delight, the We Sing Your Tweets music duo turned that Tweet into a song! I just wish Dad could enjoy it. :o/ Check it out:

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