Monday, August 15, 2011

Oklahoma School for the Deaf names first deaf woman to lead |

Exciting news! The Oklahoma School for the Deaf (OSD) has appointed its first deaf woman superintendent. A lot of my family history lives in this institution. My grandfather, parents, aunts, uncle & dozens of family friends all attended this fine school in Sulphur, OK. Dad lived there most of the year from five years of age till he graduated. That's also where he met Mom when she started living there as a teen.

Growing up, I felt like OSD wasn't just where my family went to school, it was in our blood. The same way I inherited Mom's freckles and love of reading or Dad's smile and handwriting, OSD was part of my DNA. This is an exciting time for the students of OSD. They have a deaf role model (a woman!) to lead their way to a bright future.

The superintendent's plans include expanding the reading program which I think is a great idea for any student, but especially deaf kids. I wonder if they will include my book in their library since I tell their story of courtship at OSD as well as lots more about their experiences as deaf parents in the 70s and 80s. Though some subject matter in it might not be appropriate. Hey, maybe it will be banned! That would be exciting because who isn't curious to read a book after they're told they can't? It's like how my brother & I chose to watch a movie once the voiceover man sternly said, "Parental guidance is advised." A parental advisory always meant it was worth a look-see.
Oklahoma School for the Deaf names first deaf woman to lead

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