Monday, November 28, 2011

Another First

"Burn Down the Ground"This is a week of firsts for me it seems. I created my first promotion and my first raffle and today I received my first review. From Publishers Weekly, no less.

They call my memoir "intensely readable" and say I "paint a vivid portrait of an impoverished childhood in rural Texas with hearing-impaired parents..."



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the publication of your book. I've followed your blog and find it interesting how your family bootstrapped and made use of everything and anything. :)

I'm wondering if it's a "first" to read a reviewer's account describing your deaf parents as "hearing-impaired"?

Would your mom and dad describe themselves as "hearing-impaired"?

Just curious.


Kambri Crews said...

Thank you, Ann_C! Really grateful to you for the nice comment.

I'm also glad that you asked that re: the description "hearing-impaired" because that was the FIRST thing that stood out to me.

I guess I am used to the hearing world not "getting" it but my publicist is of the hearing world and it stood out to her. She's the one who brought it up, actually.

But, to answer your question: No. That is not how my parents would describe themselves. While they differ on many opinions, they agree on this: They are Deaf with a capital "D".