Friday, June 15, 2012

An Artist By Any Other Name

Dad's fellow inmate Tony is a wonderful artist...when he's not drawing child porn, that is. 

For y'all not familiar with the story, Tony is the same guy who was beaten by guards for having drawings of nude children hidden in his cell. Dad insists Tony is not a child molester. "He's just a flasher! That's nothing!"*

Here's his drawing of Dad.

A pretty good likeness, I'd say. Here's the photo that inspired the drawing.

*This is true. His TDCJ file shows that he's in jail for exposing CHILDREN. Whatever Dad needs to do to justify his friendship, I guess, but his relationship with Tony creeps me out. Read about Tony here. Too bad he can't seem to cure his demons and become a full time artist. He's really talented.

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