Monday, September 03, 2012

So I Guess I Am Lost

"So I guess I am lost," Dad wrote in his last letter from jail. He's frustrated and sad about being denied parole, not having a home or family to rely on and fearful of staying behind bars till 2022.

This was only his first time up for parole and statistics show that in Texas most inmates --especially ones in for violent crimes-- are not granted parole the first time they're eligible. Nevertheless, he's disappointed and has lost hope.

Since he doesn't have access to the internet, he asked me to create a Facebook profile for him saying, "I might get Pen Pal from it who are bad, ugly or good people. Ha ha. I don't care if they write me bad or good news...I think I will be enjoying [their] correspondence."

I still need to hear back from him on how he'd like his profile to read, but his page is set up here: If you want to leave him a message on his wall, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. I will print and mail him his wall posts, so replies will take some time. If you're interested in being his pen pal, send a private Facebook message which I'll forward on to him.

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