Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Happy Birthday, Fool Man!

My husband Christian's birthday was yesterday, April Fool's Day, and Dad didn't disappoint with his usual hand-drawn card.

Dad and his fellow inmates sometimes catch an episode of Christian's sitcom "Are We There Yet?", and they've noticed how gray Christian has gotten as the series has progressed. In truth, hair & makeup had him dying his hair in the first season but it looked kind of fake and didn't really matter much.

Anyway, Dad isn't one to let a chance to tease slip by and seized Christian's special day as an opportunity to bust his chops.

Click here for last year's card and here for the card from 2011.


INSIDE. Apparently it takes one hour and forty minutes to wash that gray right outta your hair. The "Gerber's Jar" baby food tee is inexplicable. My guess is that it means Christian is a big baby with birthing hips.


I think Dad has been trying to work on himself ever since reading my book, talking about getting parole and a few other things. His last few letters and cards have had at least one reference or drawing that makes me think he's reading self-help books and such. If so, that's HUGE. I'll see him in April and will be sure to find out more. Meanwhile, here is his advice for all of us on the inside and in the Free World.


Joy said...

Awesome card for Christian.

And congrats on getting optioned!

Joy Finnegan

StaceyG said...

Maybe the "Gerber's" shirt indicates that to your dad, he's still a baby! I mean *I* almost consider 40 to be a baby! LOL

StaceyG said...

AND...I have a sneaking suspicion that your dad did NOT copy that list from somewhere. I bet it came out of his brain...which is encouraging. I feel like a guerrilla! We just need some bling camo!